Katsucon Entertainment, Inc presents the FOURTH Station Unity convention at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center (GNCC) from August 16 to August 18, 2024.

Welcome to Station Unity and thank you for your interest in being a vendor for our fourth year!

Below you will find basic information about our vendor hall. If you are interested in attending as an artist or vendor please complete the application on the appropriate link. Applications will be live through June 8, 2024 and notifications for selected vendors and artists will be made by July 6, 2024.  This is a juried event. Once selected, the exhibits team will send you a Station Unity info package and contract. Payments for booths are due July 20, 2024 unless special arrangement is made with the exhibits coordinator.

Booths for both artists and vendors are $185, you may apply for up to three (3) booths. Each booth space (10ft x 10ft) comes with two (2) 6ft x 15in tables, (totaling up to 6ft x 2.5ft) and three (3) exhibitor badges. You may purchase up to two (2) additional exhibitor badges if needed.

All exhibitors are subject to Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center polices, Station Unity policies, and COVID-19 policies in place by both the GNCC and Station Unity (subject to change). Failure to follow these polices could result in expulsion from the event without refund.

**If you belong to another convention or event and would like to request a booth, please complete the vendor application.

Station Unity will not condone the sale of any merchandise that violates United States and International Trademark or Copyright Laws. Protected items include, but are not limited: to video cassettes, laser discs, digital versatile discs, compact discs, audio cassettes, CD-ROM and re-writable discs, floppy discs, EPROM storage chips, models, figures, hats, cosplay clothing, and toys. Also included, but not limited to, are all printed media such as books, magazines, cards, posters/scrolls (fabric or paper) and clothing with printed art.  

Fan art (i.e. unlicensed character rips, logo rips, etc.) in the form of prints, posters, buttons, etc. may only be sold by artists.

Authentic import merchandise must have the proper taxation labels applied in an obvious location on the outer packaging of the item. Most Japanese products (anime-related or not) carry these government labels, regardless of the type of merchandise. A few rare exceptions are garage kits, which may only have photocopied covers on the boxes. They should still have the proper copyright information, and often still have the official taxation labels. Another exception is the vast amounts of doujinshi that circulate the convention circuit.  

Weapons, except for foam, wood, or plastic weapons, may not be sold within the Vendors Hall.  

The sale or distribution of any food item, specialty snacks, and beverages is prohibited. This includes gifts with purchase, giveaways, raffles, paid food sales, and any other means of distribution of food or beverage.

Maryland law prohibits selling or dispensing contact lenses, including decorative lenses, without a valid and non-expired prescription.  Therefore, the selling and distribution of contact lenses in the Station Unity Vendors Hall is prohibited.  

 Any merchandise that may be interpreted as unlawful and/or inappropriate, by Station Unity Vendors Hall staff and/or an industry representative, will be removed for further examination. Upon examination, if it is unauthorized, that item must be removed from the convention site by the Vendor. Any Vendor that persists in the sale of such merchandise after being told to remove it will be ejected from the convention without refund.   

You must be 18+ years of age to apply for a booth in the Vendors Hall. Based upon Maryland Age of Majority statutes (COML Art. 1 §103), it is Station Unity’s policy that minors are not allowed to sign the contract; a parent or guardian must sign on behalf of the minor.  

Any questions or industry requests can be sent to the exhibits team at:  

Applications are Open Click here