The Station Unity Art Show is a showcase for two- and three-dimensional works of all genres by profressional and amateur artists. For attendees, it provides an opportunity to see the artwork up close. For artists, it provides an opportunity for self-promotion and sales of artwork through the Station Unity Art Auction. Most of the displayed art will be for sale, with a silent auction that runs during Friday and Saturday of the convention allows attendees to place bids on art pieces that interest them. Some pieces can also be purchased via Quick Sale before the silent auction completes. Any piece of artwork that gets four bids before the silent auction closes early Saturday evening will go to the Live Auction later that evening (see convention schedule for time and location). Any other pieces with bids at the completion of the silent auction will go to the highest bidder. For any questions about the Art Show and its auction, please contact the

Station Unity Art Show Rules

1: NO PHOTOGRAPHY: Videotaping also falls under this prohibition. If you have snuck in a camera and are seen using it, it WILL be confiscated and turned in to Security for the duration of the convention and you will be escorted from the Art Show. ONLY PROFESSIONAL MEDIA WITH WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE CONVENTION CHAIRMAN AND ARTISTS ARCHIVING THEIR OWN WORK ARE EXEMPT.

2: DO NOT TOUCH ANY PIECE OF 3-D ARTWORK: Unless written/posted permission has been posted by the Artist.

3: NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED INTO THE ART SHOW: If you should have any food or drink with you, finish consuming it outside the Art Show before entering. You will not be permitted into the Art Show if you do not comply.

4: BIDDERS MUST PROVIDE PAYMENT BY NOON ON SUNDAY: Payment can be made before this time, either during or immediately after the art auction Saturday night. If payment is not received by this time, the art will be returned to the artist. NO EXCEPTIONS. We are also required to collect sales tax. (Maryland’s is 6%)

5: ADULT ART MUST BE PLACED IN THE ADULT SECTION OF THE ART SHOW: Adult art is defined as sexually explicit or highly graphic work. If there are any questions/concerns regarding your art and if it falls within this category, please reach out to Art Show staff and/or the Art Show Director. If your art is classified as Adult Art, it will be placed in the Adult Art Section of the Art Show. Please note: No one under the age of 18 will be permitted in the Adult Art section during the convention.

6: QUICK SALES: Quick Sale pricing on artwork will only be active after 3 PM on Friday. We request that if you choose to do a Quick Sale on a piece that you notify Art Show staff and that you don’t pick it up until Sunday morning (to allow the Artist to get exposure during the convention), unless you are only there for that day.

7: BIDDING: Bidding is open from 1 PM Friday until 7 PM on Saturday. The Art Show will close for a short time, then re-open to the public until 8 PM on Saturday to allow bidders to check on items to see if they have gone to the Live Auction.

Station Unity Art Show Artist Paperwork

If you are an artist who will be placing artwork into the art show, you can get a head start on the paperwork. Just download the following forms (PDF format), fill them out, and bring them with you when you check your artwork in to the show:

Artist Rules
Artist Control Sheet
Bid Sheets

You will need to download the Control Sheet, fill in your personal information and list all the artwork you are bringing for display. After that, print out the bid sheets and fill out one bid sheet for each piece of art that you are bringing. All of this can be taken care of at the convention, so it’s completely up to you if you want to fill out this stuff before you come or not. Note: Don’t be easy with the Quick Sale price! The amount should be around what you’d really want to get for the artwork.