This contest is for handmade costumes, those who have made at least 80% of their costume. This is a pre-judged competition based solely on craftsmanship and not stage presentation. Contestants are not required to walk in a stage portion, but are encouraged to do so. Participation in the stage portion will not affect their chances of winning. Contestants will be led into a judging room, have their photo made on a professional backdrop, and will be given 5 minutes to present their work to the judges. Judges will get to closely inspect the costumes and ask questions. Awards for this contest will be presented after the Runway contest but before the Runway Awards.

This contest is for the fabricators, the sewists, the up all night stressing about your costume-ists? If you made it, we want to see it! Bring your favorite creation and show it off to our esteemed panel of experienced judges for your chance to win fabulous prizes. Contestants who made at least 80% of their costume are eligible.


  1. All participants must have reference pictures of their costume character; without proper reference material, the judges cannot assess the accuracy of a costume. Please bring printouts, manga, art books, or any other form of reference material for the Judges to use to aid them in their task. Digital references are fine, please place these images in a separate folder on your device.
  2. Original Characters and book characters are permitted, however reference art or other materials must still be provided.
  3. Craftsmanship is the assessment of the costumer’s skill at making a costume.

Any costume that consists mostly of bought items will not be considered for craftsmanship judging (ie. buying regular street clothes that require no alterations). Only 20% of your costume may consist of bought items. 80% must be created by you.

If you commissioned your costume, it will not be considered for craftsmanship judging. You cannot receive credit for another person’s work unless that person is present for judging.

  • Poor sportsmanship is grounds for disqualification from future Station Unity contests. Be a gracious winner and loser. Additionally, bullying another contestant is strictly prohibited. If the contest coordinator finds out that bullying has occurred the bully will be disqualified. Be kind to your fellow contestants.    
  • No entries may contain religious, political, insulting or offensive statements. We utilize the following definition of offensive cosplays: cosplays that incite violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, ageism, and bigotry. This includes race-facing (e.g. blackface/brownface/yellowface) as well as costumes that replicate or make light of historic or current international or national tragedies (this includes depictions of the novel coronavirus in any way).
  • Judges’ rulings are final.
  • Costumes that have previously won a major award in any competition are not eligible unless 50% of the costume has been remade and  that status disclosed to the judges. Failure to disclose may result in disqualification from this year and future Station Unity contests. A major award is classified as a “Best” or “First Place”.
  • Costumes must follow the code of conduct as set in Station Unity Rules as well as local laws. No costume is no costume.
  • Use of latex balloons and gloves are not permitted. This is a disability/accessibility rule. Failure to comply may kill contest staff. We like our staff alive. Latex alternatives like silicon or mylar are permitted. You will not be penalized for not including props like latex balloons in your costume. If you have a question about what could be considered dangerous please email the contest staff at: (insert email here).
  • Groups are permitted! If you worked on your costume as a group effort, all parties must be present. Special allocations due to illness may be permitted. Speak to contest staff if you have any questions about the absence of a team member.
  • Each contestant may have a handler or buddy in the judging room if needed. Handler use on stage will be based on staff approval. Youth entrants must be accompanied by an adult.


Youth- Under 13 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult. (Adult does not have to be in costume)
Beginner- Has never competed in any craftsmanship contest before.
Novice- Has won less than 2 awards.
Journeyman- Has won between 3-5 awards.
Master- Has won 6 or more awards.


Best Youth
Best Beginner
Best Novice
Best Journeyman
Best Master
Best of Friday
Best of Saturday
Best of Weekend Judge’s Awards