Submitting an Application for a Fan Panel or Workshop

How do I submit a Panel or Workshop Application?
Answer: Thank you for your interest in applying to run panels for Station Unity.  Please proceed to the Panel submission form located on the live programming page.

What if I don’t hear back about my panel application?
Answer: You will receive an automatic confirmation after the panel application is submitted. If you do not receive an email confirmation for the panel application, then something went wrong. Check spam folders for our emails. Sad to say but some email servers think Station Unity is spam. In the past panelists have reached out having heard nothing only to find several emails in their spam folder.

What if I submitted panels, but I already purchased a regular attendee badge for the convention?
Answer: If your panel(s) get Accepted, you have to request a refund for the regular Attendee Badge and you will qualify for a free Panelist Badge. We cannot pride refunds after the deadline. Refer to the Registration page for the Pre-Registration Refund Policy for refunding a regular attendee badge and deadlines.

I’m an Artist/Merchant, do I still need a panelist badge?
Answer: YES! You will still need to get a Panelist Badge. The Panelist Badge is for attendees to have a free badge in exchange for running a panel at Station Unity. If you are one of our Merchants or Artists and you will already have a badge for Station Unity you do not need a Panelist Badge. Please make sure to keep your badge on at all times while at the convention to gain access to events.

How big can my group be?
Answer: There is a maximum of four (4) panelists that qualify to receive a Panelist Badge including the Lead Panelist for each accepted panel. If you have more than four (4) people assisting with a panel, then anyone over the four (4) person limit can purchase a regular Attendee Badge to participate.

I won’t be 18 by the time of the convention, but I want to submit an 18+ panel. Can I do that?
Answer: No, you cannot submit or host an 18+ panel. You must be 18 by the time of the convention if you want to present an 18+ panel, as all attendees and panelists must have an 18+ wristband in order to enter the panel room or to attend 18+ programming.

I won’t be 18 by the time of the convention, can I still submit an application to run a panel?
Answer: Yes, panelists can be under the age of 18 and can submit an “all ages” or 13+ panel. However, if you will be under 18 at the time of the convention, pay close attention to the rules regarding other identification documents and PARENTAL PERMISSION forms required. This information is specified on the main Registration page at this.