Exhibitor Affidavit forms for Maryland Comptroller are mailed to all Exhibitors prior to the convention. Exhibitor affidavits must be turned in to Katsucon Merchant Staff at Check in; in order to receive your badge. All Exhibitors are required to fill the affidavit form out. All Exhibitors are required to display their Affidavit form, or a copy, in their booth always. Katsucon forwards all Exhibitor Affidavits to the State Licensing Bureau upon convention completion for that year.  

All Exhibitors and Business Entities selling merchandise are required to first obtain a trader’s license from the Clerk of the Circuit Court and open a sales tax account in addition to registering and qualifying with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation. Prior to the convention, Katsucon forwards the list of all registered Exhibitors to the Maryland Comptroller office.  

The Comptroller’s office will mail a Temporary Maryland Tax ID and license information to all Exhibitors on the list. All sales are required to charge a 6% Maryland sales tax, separate from the amount of the sale. With few exceptions, all merchandise sold in the State of Maryland is taxable; however further clarification can be obtained from your tax advisor. All Exhibitors are required to send the collected sales tax to Maryland within 30 days post-convention. Should you have a current Maryland Tax ID, simply write your Maryland Trader’s License number on the temporary license information and return the form to the Comptroller’s office.  

Trader’s Licenses are issued starting in May and are valid until April of the follow year. A copy of the current license will be needed for Merchant staff’s verification and must be displayed in the booth conspicuously visible.  

For more information about the Maryland Trader’s License and Exhibitor Affidavit information, please consult the Maryland’s government website HERE.  

Any questions on Maryland State Tax or Maryland Tax ID’s etc., please contact the Maryland Comptroller’s office at:  

Comptroller of Maryland 
State License Bureau P.O. 2397
Annapolis, MD 21404-2397 
(410) 767-1544 
Any questions about Maryland Trader’s Licenses, please contact  
Prince George’s County Circuit Court Clerk at (301) 952-3330.